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Exposing the truths about Russian brides

There are many conflicting views about online dating services that boast the availability of hot Russian women. Here, we are looking to expose the truths about these sought-after women. Wherever you go, if you have the opportunity to meet a man who has boasted that he would gladly date Russian women, there is a reason. They have become some of the most sought-after girls, and has even lead to the mysterious creation of the Russian brides club. Why is this? Well, there are many reasons why these traditional, feminine women have become the new hot commodity for single men - and the truth includes more qualities than what you may originally think.

There are many thoughts on Russian wives, and many of them are based around simple assumptions. In reality, if you want to know, “Do Russian women make good wives,” take a moment to read this article and find out the truth. In fact, Russian women are perfect for certain types of men. They carry this strong enigma about them that is unparalleled to any other type of women around the world. If you are lucky to find a wonderful Russian girl to marry, you will agree with the positive attributes this article describes.

What sets Russian mail order brides apart from Western women

Wanting to acquire the companionship of Russian mail order brides has really gained popularity with the development of technology and the Internet. It isn't just a trend, there is a reason why Russian girls are so highly sought-after. Throughout history, you will find many stories and poems discussing incredible traits that Russian women possess. They hold much more traditional values than their Western counterparts, which has caught the eye of men from all over the world.

Scientists will even explain the beauty of single Russian women by looking at the course of history. During Medieval times, Europeans were deeply involved in witch hunting. They believed that any woman who was beautiful or intelligent has made a deal with the devil for their abilities, and therefore they were hunted down and burned at the stakes. Because of this, European genetic pool was altered for generations to come.

In Russia, the same events occurred, but it was the old and ugly women that were targeted as witches. As these individuals were wiped from humanity for the crimes that they did or did not commit, they also changed the course of Russian genetic gene pool. That is why today, there are so many young beautiful Russian women - because their not so attractive ancestors were wiped from the course of history.

Russian brides pride themselves on their attractiveness that they have inherited through the ages. Rarely will you ever see unkempt Russian women. When they awake in the morning, the first thing they do is make themselves presentable for the day, even if the day consists of household chores. You will always see their clothes well-kept and their makeup flawless. Attractiveness is one of their more alluring qualities, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why makes men fantasize about hot Russian brides

Although looks create a solid foundation of attraction, they only carry Russian girls so far. In fact, these girls know that looks can be deceiving. When you are checking out hot Russian brides, know that you are getting more than what you bargained for. Ten-to-one, you will be matched with a woman who is smart, charming, and an excellent person to run a household. They do not want to match men's abilities, but they want to be appreciated for their feminine characteristics that they developed in their childhood. In truth, there are many traits that Russian girls have that makes their physical attractiveness just a blip in comparison.

Somewhere in Western society, the roles of women and men got mixed up, to the point where genders are now crossing physically. For Russian women, this is not the case. They pride themselves on being strong matriarchal characters and hold their femininity to be one of their most treasured aspects. You will always see a Russian woman dressed as a woman should be, including showing off her more womanly attributes. You will rarely ever see them trying to do what their male counterparts do because their mothers and grandmothers taught them what it is to be a real woman.

From a young age, Russian families will prepare Russian women for marriage. Often, before the age of twenty, they possess the skills that will carry them throughout life. Some of these skills take a lifetime to master, but beautiful Russian brides strive to accelerate the process. They don't want just to be beautiful. They want to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, have the ability to listen to directions and following through with their plans. Traditional values are important, which is why they make the best life partners for men from all over the world.

Russian women will always put their family and household first - it is just in their nature. However, they will always want to make sure that they are continuing their development at each available moment. Because they are excellent at completing tasks much more efficiently than their Western counterparts, they will have a little extra time during the day. However, they will not be basking on the couch eating chocolates. Oh, no. They will be studying up on different hobbies that will make them and the house more spectacular. They will be seeking to learn about what is happening around the globe or finding out how to master different tasks. Russian women will always want to be the best they can - for themselves, their mates and their children.

Western women tend to have a reputation of wanting to be noticed by their looks, not by their intelligence. Although Russian women brides are known to be extremely beautiful, they hold their education to be of vital importance. In fact, most men find Russian women to be highly educated and able to carry on a conversation about world events, sports, and a plethora of other topics. Many Russian women have their bachelor’s degrees and have excellent jobs. However, this is not their main priority - they just don't want to appear uninformed or ignorant.

A core quality that sets Russian women apart

Are you tired of being with women that would rather dine out than prepare a home cooked meal? Did you last wife burn jello? The fact that Russian women are master chefs in the kitchen is why a lot of men find their dream women be one of the iconic Russian mail order wives. Because they were raised in traditional cultures, they are equipped to prepare the most delightful meals all throughout the day.  Starving after a tough day at work? Don't worry - your wife will find the yummiest ingredients at the local farmer's market and have dinner ready for you. Passed down generation to generation, they can plan and prepare meals that will leave you begging to know what is coming next. Russian women pride themselves on their ability to spend the day cooking. The house will always have a welcoming scent of freshly made goodies, and the cookie jar will always be full. Not to mention, because they are completely devoted to their husbands, they will always seek to create meals that are healthy. If you want to find a woman who knows her way around a kitchen blindfolded, Russian women are the way to go.

Would you like your home to smell of a freshly baked apple pie or homemade bread? Would you like never to worry about vacuuming or doing the dishes ever again? Then a strong Russian woman is what you are looking for. Russian women are skilled at housekeeping and cooking and believe that this is a fundamental characteristic of a woman's nature. Although being successful by developing strong personality traits is important, it bears little comparison to the fact that home is what needs attention first. They live for a purpose well beyond themselves. There will be no more eating like a bachelor with a Russian woman living in your household. Their primary focus is to be with a man that she can take care of, provided that her man is willing to provide her with the economic and emotional security that she is looking for.

What pushes men to seek out Russian women

To answer this question, let's simply ask men who have sought out female Russian companionship. Maybe you can relate to Nathaniel from Massachusetts:

“They always say that you will marry the woman that reminds you of your mother. The Oedipal Complex. This is so true. My mom was a strong woman who prided herself on keeping a spotless house, paying attention to the children and making family her top priority. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a woman who is willing to make the sacrifice of being a homemaker rather than supplying her own ego with a big executive career. For me, a man should provide for the home financially. This is how I was raised, and my parents proved that supporting each other was better than trying to achieve your own individual independence. I believe that Russian women have those ideas still, which is what makes them so valuable to Western men.”

Daniel from Arizona believes the same, but states it more directly:

“My dad drove the car, and my mom was the passenger. That's how I was raised. This is the way that it needs to be. Men are meant to be respected, and women are meant to be their partners and to make them comfortable. Call me old-fashioned, but this is the way that I was raised. If a woman does not share this point of view, she is simply not allowed along for the ride. She will have to find a man that is willing to let her drive...and I am simply not that kind of man.”

Although seeking a mate through a dating agency or finding your partner by sifting through mail order Russian brides seems unconventional, there is no doubt that Russian women are the perfect match for you if you are seeking a woman who believes in strong traditional values.

Why the Russian brides club values the family

Through Russian history, it is evident that family has always been the core of their culture. From the czars to modern-day families, Russians believe that families are what get you through the toughest of times. That is why Russian women hold family values as the center of their lives. Although they are concerned about their own personal development: being attractive, hardworking, and successful, these characteristics bear little to the fundamental want to raise a family and be a good wife. Russian women believe that their role is to serve their family and to create a well-functioning household. If this does not happen for them in their lives, they will suffer internally. That is why they reach out through dating services - because they long to fulfill their lifelong goal of providing a strong feminine influence in a home and to carry on traditional values.

Although you think that there may be a language barrier (which really, there won't be) let's set out some clear definitions that will help you along the way. If you are wondering what a Russian woman is looking for in a husband, they will say it is someone that they can look up to with respect, and someone who will set the tone for the family that she can follow. If you are wondering what she thinks a wife should be, she will probably respond with a definition of someone who is there for her husband and children only: that a wife's main role is expressed through the devotion to the two. Finally, if you are wondering how they look at a home, the answer is simple. Home is the place of comfort that everyone enjoys after a hard day. It is a place to spend time with family, to exercise love, a place that does not have any room for stress. A Russian woman will do everything she can to commit to these definitions because it is in her traditional nature.

Does it bother you when a woman has a child and then pawns it off to daycare, the care of another family member or a babysitter, every chance they get, including while running errands? If so, looking towards bearing children with a Russian woman is the way to go. Their family values shine through when raising children because they want the children to be a parrot to the values that you and she share. She will refuse to let other people rear the kiddos because she can not only handle it at her most exhausted moments, she will demand that she raise them.

Remember, your Russian beauty loves the idea of growing as a person. You have met an extraordinary woman already - one who is beautiful, smart and has a strong personality. As she adapts to her new family life, she will continue to grow as a person. If she changes, it will be only for the better, and only to make you happier with her!

Why do Russian women use online dating services

Let's ask this: why are you looking for single Russian women online? The same reason you are looking for a mate through that avenue is the same reason that they are. Many times, single men are unable to find the woman of their dreams in their local area. Or they are looking for a particular type of woman - one that is attractive, that has strong family values, and that doesn't need a lot to be pleased. Western women do not always fit those criteria. The same goes for a Russian woman looking to find a good man that will provide for her. Through a dating website, it is easier for a Russian woman to narrow down the selection to a man that is going to provide her with economic stability, and to find one that she can please by fulfilling her womanly duties. Many times, especially because women outnumber men in Russia, it is difficult to find a husband that meets these criteria. Also, what could be more exciting for either of you than to date someone from a completely different culture? It goes both ways, and that is why Russian women are turning to the age of technology to meet the man of their dreams. This is why finding Russian brides online can save time and bad first dates for both parties.

The traits that Russian women look for in their future husbands

Russian women are looking for a strong man that will lead their household. Are you a good decision maker? Are you willing to step up? Do you have the need for respect and maintaining the top level of authority of the house? When you meet Russian women online, keep this in mind. She is not looking for a passive man that is afraid to speak his mind. Make sure that you have a clear insight into what you are expecting from your new mate. She will be willing to take the submissive role if given the opportunity. You don't have to be demanding, but make sure that you have clear boundaries and expectations. As stated above, be the one who takes the lead. She will be there to make the life you have together more comfortable and be your best supporter. Not only that, she will remain in your life forever - because once she is devoted to you, she will be devoted to you only.

Since your Russian woman is keen on tradition, she is going to look for a man who practices manners. Will you hold the door open for her? Will you carry in the groceries and take out the trash? Will you pump the gas for the car and say 'please' and 'thank you' when you need something from her? Traditional manners go a long way with Russian women. They expect to be treated like ladies, not like slaves. The more manners you practice around her, the more she will adore you and strive to please you.

Your Russian bride-to-be has connected with you for a reason. She has been looking to find a man of her dreams, and so everything that she does, she inherently does for you. Make sure that you show her that her hard work (regardless if it is for keeping up her fit body, making a delicious meal, or keeping the children quiet when you get home) is appreciated. You don't need to spoil her with expensive gifts of appreciation. Just let her know that you notice the small things that she does. For her, the more you compliment her, the more ways she will find to make you happy.

The simple ways that you can please a Russian woman

  1. Russian women take compliments really well. If you are looking to make your new woman feel special, tell her how special she is. She prides herself on basic qualities - keeping her appearance up, cooking, keeping a home, etc. Bring out the best in her with your words. If you lack what to say, ask her questions about her past and if you see her get excited about something, like her family, simply say, “That sounds amazing.” A few simple words can go a long way when you are looking to capture the heart and mind of your new mate. Make your compliments sincere - but don't overdo it.
  2. Have you ever dated a Western woman and sat at the table just wishing she would stop talking for five minutes? Russian girls are the complete opposite. When they speak, they always say something meaningful. Don't expect her to chew your ear off - chances are she will talk little, but what she has to say will be real conversation. Enjoy the comfortable silences and bask in her beauty. When she speaks, pay attention - because it will truly give you insight into who she really is.
  3. When you are involved with online dating, it may be daunting trying to come up with conversation. As you get to know your new woman, don't worry, you will both get to know each other well over time. If you lack the skills to find new things to talk about, ask her questions. Don't make her feel like you are putting her through an inquisition, simply ask her about her childhood, her dreams, and her family. You will find that when you meet her in person for the first time, you will be able to carry on a much more in-depth conversation.
  4. It is the sentimental things that will mean the most to your new mate. Unlike many Western women, who expect to be showered with gifts of high expenses, you do not need to buy a Russian bride with that. When you start dating someone, you are apt to purchase more simple gifts - maybe some chocolate, fresh cut wildflowers, or the like. The good thing is, a Russian woman will always accept these small tokens of kindness. The point is to let her know that you are thinking of her.  
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